"You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

- Mahatma Gandhi.

Mind body matters (MBM) believes that in order to make positive changes in the world we live in, we first of all need to make positive changes to ourselves. MBM is about reconnecting our minds and our bodies in this disconnected age, due to over dependency on technology and rapid pace of life. Through the practice of mindfulness and yoga we strive to bring the mind and body back into balance, to live life in a healthier and happier way.

About us
Mind Body Matters was founded by Alexa Massingham and offers courses and events based on the principles of yoga and mindfulness to:

  • help people deal with daily stress and pressure in a positive and healthy way,

  • promote overall physical and emotional well-being,

  • refresh, rebalance and relax the mind and body.

As a former secondary school teacher, I have always been interested in the personal and academic development of young people but my passion was always their social and emotional well-being. After practising mindfulness and yoga for many years, I have felt the positive benefits in own my life and feel they both offer a powerful and proactive tool for young people to cope with the increasingly stressful world they are growing up in. Mind Body Matters is the fusion of my experience as a teacher and my training and personal experience in mindfulness and yoga, and I am really excited to be sharing the wisdom and insight of both practices to adults and young people alike.

About our services

Mind Body Matters offers the following services:

  • Certified mindfulness courses for young people (school & private)

  • Mindfulness based courses for adults (private, home & work)

  • Yoga for young people (school & private)

  • Yoga for adults (private, home & work)

  • Yoga for pregnancy (pre, post-natal & active birthing)

  • Customised events and programmes based on the principles of yoga and mindfulness also available upon request. 

About yoga & mindfulness
Yoga and mindfulness practices help individuals live in a more present and positive way rather than the ‘autopilot’ we are often in. We rarely have time to stop, feel, think and recharge, and that is one of the predominant causes of stress and anxiety in our society. We are so busy thinking about the past and future, that we rarely think about the present moment. Many illnesses now have been linked to stress, so if we can start to live a more mindful life now we might be saving ourselves, and our society, much unnecessary suffering. ​

About my qualifications & training 

  • Teach .b Training course, Mindfulness in Schools Project, UK (March, 2016)

  • Pregnancy Yoga Teacher RPYT, Pure Yoga, Hong Kong (November, 2015)

  • Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours, Himalayan Yoga Institute, Croatia (August – September, 2015)

  • Mindfulness Matters, Academy of Mindful Teaching, Holland (August, 2015)

  • 5 years teaching experience in IB World schools, Hong Kong (August 2010 – July 2015)

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Reading, UK (September 2009 – June 2010)

  • Bachelor of Arts (First Class Hons), University of Hull, UK (September 2002 – June 2005)